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When you think of the word retirement, chances are you are one of the many people it has a huge impact upon. There are only a small group of people wealthy enough to do without this concern and not have to worry about a well-planned and well-funded pension. No, you are with the majority of people whose future is plagued with the financial uncertainty of Retirement Income.

So, do you know exactly what will happen when you finally retire? What will be your social situation? Are you sure that your financial situation is well funded and stable enough to last you through your later years? If you were not able to answer these questions or if you are unsure then now is the time to take a proactive approach and be sure. No matter what age you are or how much, or little, you have invested in your future retirement, you can be active in your future and start investing and building a portfolio of mutual funds for pensions. Not only can we provide solid financial advice that will help you investigate your future pension situation, but we also have pension tools that will help you in your planning process.

Our finance tools, or calculators, are divided into two groups depending on the desired goal: Retirement Planning and Income Calculator. For Retirement Planning we have the Roth 401k Calculator and the Roth or Traditional IRA Calculator that are utilized by our representatives. On top of that, we also support the analysis and prognosis of Retirement Income. For the retirement Income analysis we have a unique Retirement Income Calculator that is described in much more detail in the subsequent chapters.

Retirement Calculator - 401 (k), IRA Calculators

401k Retirement Calculator

Result Chart of Retirement Planning Calculator - example 401 k Calculator
Graphics 401 (k) Calculators

If you are starting with a 401 (k) plan, then you can chose between the 401k and the Roth 401k plans. For both of those planner, we have a specialized Retirement Calculator: the 401 (k) and the Roth 401k Calculator. The differences between the 401k and the Roth 401k is that when you are putting money in your 401k plan you get benefit from pre-tax funds, but for your Roth 401k you invest post tax funds.

Since your employer supports a 401k plan, you should start with our 401k Calculator. This calculator is capable of handling employer matched contributions, if they are offered by your employer. Our (Roth) 401k Calculator presents the results of your contributions graphically to you. Let’s go and start to get benefits with the Roth 401k Calculator or the 401 (k) Calculator.

IRA Calculators

If your employer does not offer any type of 401k plan, then you may have the option to invest in a Traditional IRA plan or Roth IRAs. If this pertains to you then you can immediately start using our Roth IRA or Traditional IRA Calculators. Like the 401k Calculators, the Traditional IRA and the Roth IRA Calculator allow you to select several retirement options for you to plan, then allows you to see the results graphically as a chart.

Retirement Income

Retirement Income Calculator

Calculation of Retirement Income Calculator
Retirement Calculator (Income)

If you already have a retirement plan in place, then you can utilize our Retirement Calculator. Our Retirement Income Calculators put your results in an easily readable graph so you can visualize exactly how long you can withdraw a monthly value from a defined investment. It allows you to perform an optimization regarding a specifically defined monthly amount of money. In this case, this pension tool will show you exactly which amount of money is required for you to retire.

If you are fortunate enough to be close to retirement, then this Pension Income Calculation will show you just how much money can be withdrawn monthly from your current funds. It also takes into account a defined capital and a specific timeframe.

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